Honest Abe, Benedict Arnold and Everyone In Between

Since I have become active in this so called patriot movement I have been appalled at the behavior of many.

In all fairness, I may have been a bit naive and idealistic in what I thought a patriot should be, in what I was getting into; now my eyes are wide open and I still find myself shocked on a daily basis. People that swear to stand by each other, to be there for each other standing strong and bending at the knee or stabbing each other without cause or provocation…on the word of another without knowing what is truly going on in the background.  Some of these people have known each other for years prior to this whole mess that many of us find ourselves in.  Make no mistake, it is a mess, a well oiled and orchestrated machine of a mess. It is time that we start taking a few nuts and bolts out of that machine and then throw the wrench in the gears.

One thing I came into this with is a pure heart and honesty.  I can proudly say I still have both of those in tact.  The heart I must say is a bit tattered and bruised by the beating it has taken by personal attacks by others and by seeing all the pain and suffering that my dear friends have gone through…it personally hurts me.  I care deeply about these people.

It is hard to know who is telling the truth at times and who isn’t, I get it, I really do.  Instead of hopping on a VERY public forum and blasting someone right off the bat, what is so wrong with sitting back, watching, listening, researching, living in the shadows a bit and making sure before you do more damage that may or may not be warranted?  If action is required, go about it in the proper way that is going to remove that specific threat instead of cause more turmoil and damage to the very ones we are so desperately trying to help and protect?  More damage to the message of liberty, freedom and The Constitution that we are trying to deliver?

I have been told that I should avoid this person, or that person…they are very bad and will do serious damage, when in fact they are the ones that are fighting the hardest for the very things we want the most, just they are not in the spot light…and let me tell you something, they are going to be the ones that are there when the ones bickering just don’t know what to do anymore.

Then on the other hand (here is where I have learned some of my hardest lessons so pay attention) I have become very close and attached to some people that I cared very deeply for and had my heart broken to find out that they were not very good people, not pure of heart and had hurt the very cause or people that I have been trying to help, that we all have been trying to help.  I have found that their goals or beliefs do not in fact match that of my own or that of The Constitution.  In these cases I have found a dagger, knife or sword or two in my back.  That really hurts when you trust someone.

You see there are many deceptions out there.  People that are honest being made to be as liars, and just the opposite is true as well.  We have to be diligent and smart.  Then there are those that are in-between, there intentions are true, but they use deception to get to the goal, which in my book is not o.k.  That is a call you will have to make for yourself.

I know where I stand, I stand with God, I stand with Jeanette, LaVoy, The Bundy’s…The Constitution…any of you that are bickering, talking behind backs, he said she said, not speaking absolute truth, you know who you are…maybe you should spend some more time listening, not only to what is really going on, but to what God is telling you in your heart.  I no longer have time to, I no longer want to hear the lies, the bickering, the division, or the tearing down of others.  If you don’t have the documented proof…REAL proof…shut it.  When and if you do, go to the proper people not FB where it can be used against the wrong people…because then we all know where YOU stand.

Read the title…which one are you going to be?

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