Hard Line

As patriots or constitutionalists, we like to say that there is that line that just can not be crossed or we WILL, take action. What exactly does that mean?

Over time I have heard so many hard lines being drawn, only to be crossed over with, compared to the implications and what the hot air being blown is, not really more than a whimper of complaint.

When friend after friend is arrested, when a friend and someone highly respected in teaching what our Constitution really means is killed, when our innocent patriots being held prisoner are being picked on, mistreated and tortured, when the wheels of justice are actually turning FOR tyranny…there is a bold, justified, outraged…whimper.

Now, before you go off all half cocked on me, do not get me wrong. We have all played a HUGE part in getting our prisoners out of solitary, demanding really, that they be let go, we have all helped raise funds for them and their families, when an emergency situation arises and it seems all the funds have dried up for these guys and everyone seems to have lost steam…there is a huge rally of support that AMAZES me every time. I know the ones being kept from their families cherish it all. That is not what I am talking about here.

I am talking that HARD LINE. What is it? What is that line that just can not be crossed before we, as in WE THE PEOPLE, swallow that fear, that sense of “They are too big to fight” and do something that is going to garner some real change.

Some said it was a Waco situation at The Ranch, thank goodness that did not come to pass, no thanks to the BLM agents on the ground, but to our peaceful patriots and The Lord watching over them.

Then a good patriot was arrested, Shuyler, many said that was enough…I can still hear those outrages whimpers blowing in the breeze.

Then our most recent stand, Malheur. Many again said it would be a Waco situation that would set off the powder keg, or ANY loss of life for that matter…well, we all know that wasn’t true.

Now we have Bunkerville back in the picture, springing off of Malheur and it seems Sugar Pine Mine all wrapped up in a pretty little bow of tyranny named Navarro, Judge Navarro that is.

The biggest voices, the biggest threats, all tucked nice and neat out of the way, one sent to his Heavenly Father so that the greedy can have more money, more power and enslave what is OUR country. What is it going to take? What are we going to do?

Oh I know there is a lot of talk and noise on the computers, I can almost hear all the keyboards from here, and much has been done, but it simply is not going to cut it and you are going to have to open your eyes and see that. What is the Hard Line, for each of us it may be something different, but we are all going to have to come to a conclusion together and then put aside our differences and take our country back, it is ours after all, not theirs.

I am beginning to wonder what our founding fathers would think of these groups that have formed calling themselves three percenters (don’t fool yourselves either, if you are one of those groups…you ARE a militia, lets call the duck a duck here), modeled after the THREE percent of the people that actually fought against Great Britain. Ten percent of the citizens actively supported them! Twenty percent were considered to be on the side of the Revolution, towards the end of the war about thirty percent fought for the British! All the rest, well they were happy to sit to the side and stay out of a “political issue.”

Three percent…and they all got together and formed against a massive army, they got the word out without the technology we have today, got organized, planned and they fought for their God given freedoms to secure them for all with the Constitution. What did we do? Let them slip away little by little and we are still letting it happen. Yes, I said we are LETTING it happen.

We have massive amounts of communication the organization should be easy, but just getting people to make phone calls and write letters to the right people to unseat a judge, or make people aware of a situation even is a mind blowing unsurmountable task! WHY? Where the heck are you? Do you just think it is impossible? That the corruption and the Government run too deep? There is always an end to the root when you pull a weed but you have to do it right. Are you waiting for it to be more convenient? When is that? When you walk out your front door to find agents waiting to take you because you said the wrong “code” word to your mom on the phone and they label you a domestic terrorist and lock you away? Is that convenient? Is it when they confiscate all of your money, weapons and food? Is that convenient?

I hear whispers of “If they convict anyone for Bunkerville that’s it!” Really? I sense the boy that called wolf here. I just think you will pull out your chalk and draw another “HARD LINE” and wait…well keep that chalk out because pretty soon, just like at a murder scene on t.v., when they draw a chalk line around the person murdered you will need it for our Constitution and freedom, and all of the patriots that could not get together, organize and decide what that Hard Line was going to be and stick to it, that do not have the intestinal fortitude of our forefathers to act…they will be the ones holding the murder weapon; the inability to truly see what needs to be done, work together and act upon it.

Hard Lines need to be drawn, not in sand, but in stone. It is our right, paid for by the blood of our forefathers and many others, the latest being LaVoy…don’t kid yourself either he will not be the last. It is our RIGHT to do this.

“Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it.”

John Adams

Time to get real, get up, and ask yourself some things. I am not here to convince you, I am just someone who is tired of seeing injustices and freedoms slip through my hands and thousands upon thousands saying they want it to stop…I for one am done talking, my hard line has been crossed there is no next one for me, there shouldn’t be for anyone of you either.

I, like Thomas Jefferson, prefer a dangerous freedom over a peaceful slavery. Just a thought.

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