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I have covered problems within the different sections of the patriot communities before along with the different aspects of groups, three percent groups or militia groups; often times these groups bleed into the other.Often times the person who is not involved from the outside are unable to even see the difference, sometimes the people involved are not even sure what that line is because it has not been clearly defined.

We have another fast growing aspect to consider…the Nomad Patriot. I meet them everyday. Often times, but not always, this person has been involved with a group or has seen how one has fallen apart due to infighting or toxic leadership. Sometimes it is due to a lack of training in skill sets, an unwilling mindset to work with other groups for the common good, it proved to be a Facebook only group, or maybe simply a misunderstanding on what the group actually stands for. What ever the reason may be there is a growing amount of patriots out there that are claiming the “Nomad” status. Devoid of any group affiliation. I have to say I can’t blame them.

I find it interesting that they claim the “Nomad” status.In the motorcycle club world or biker world if you will, that is a status claimed when a member leaves his charter.He leaves the protection that offers.When and if things go sideways in this country having people around you is going to be important, but I understand why these patriots do this.I find more and more III% groups are looking at numbers, quantity over quality.What if these groups actually had a vetting process more like a motorcycle club did.I think that the quality, the trust and the loyalty would soar through the roof…the numbers would follow, slower, but they would follow. You wold have to earn your way in and keep it.I was just talking about this with KC Massey the other day, it was nice to know I was not the only one thinking this way, there are many others as well.

You see I did the same thing, claiming “Nomad” status for much of the same reasons. For me, III% means something very different than most of what the the groups out there are willing to admit. I hold the historical value of this to my heart. Three Percent…they were the militia, The Minutemen…they were the ones that stood and fought. This is where I hold my confusion and my contention with many III% groups that say they are not a militia. Yes, you are. You train with weapons, you train to defend against a tyrannical government if need be, you are a militia. You may not want to say you are because of connotation that holds…if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck…it must be a platypus. That is not a bad thing but I think it is time that being clear is what is needed.

You can still help your communities. You can still get out there and assist first responders, just be a bit more honest about it. Everyone acts as if militia is a bad word, it is in our constitution for goodness sake…and don’t even think about uttering the words Natural Law Militia! That is another piece.

If you don’t want to be a militia, don’t be a III% group. Call yourself something else, a prepping group maybe, because if you are not a militia, if you are not a III% group in the purity of what that means, that is what you are. Moving on.

Nomads, there are some great changes that have been happening for you to maybe look at some of these groups again, WA III%, and Idaho III% have been making great strides in unity and working together in bringing groups together and stoping the toxic vein that has been ruining what could be a great thing.

Matt Marshall WA III% Eric Ej Parker Idaho III%

Now, we have another set of groups to look at, these groups are much smaller, sometimes they have a name sometimes they don’t. They usually have people with very specialized skills (or at least that is what I have experienced). They trust each other and usually don’t let outsiders in easily. These are the quality over quantity groups. Sometimes these groups will partner with larger groups like WAIII%, IdahoIII% or APIII%, etc. to train or accomplish a common goal. The beauty of these smaller groups is they don’t usually have the high risk of getting infiltrated with the unwanted informant or provocateur, they also do not have the worry of having a consistent mode of operation over a large mass of people. These smaller cell groups defiantly have their place in the big picture, keeping the protection of others that will be needed.

More on this, I have spoken to many group leaders and zone leaders about what their plans are for when action needs to be taken and what their “bug out” plan looks like. Now, this usually is a zone by zone scenario. Most of the time this has been worked out as a group and is very solid and logistically sound…other times I have heard on more than one occasion things that concern me very much, I would like to address the one that concerns me the most and have you all think about this and please remember that it is o.k. for you as someone joining one of these groups that it is o.k. to ask questions of them. They are not the only ones that get to do the vetting.

What concerns me is that many times people join a group for the security of knowing that there are those other people there for extra protection and skills. Some of the leaders that I have spoken to have talked of having their zones meet up and assessing what each person has in the way of “preps” (food, water, ammo, medical supplies, etc.), the group is going to then split up meeting at an agreed location under the idea as not to be followed. The folks with little to no preps will be sent to one location as the other group will go to a separate location unknown to the first group. I am sorry but this is just wrong on all levels.

What about skills? What about just having those people to cover your back? In these hard times it isn’t always easy to prep, trust me I know. I do what I can, but I don’t have years of food stocked up, but I can shoot better than most men I have met, I have medical skills…what if the person with little to no preps is a communications guru and can teach you how to boost your comms like McGyver? How about that gal that has 2 kids who unbeknownst to you can make anything grow and can andhas a black belt in 3 different types of martial arts?The older gentleman in the wheelchair that can teach you how to preserve that elk you just shot with the old ways, or build a log house with out any power tools?Now while having all those fancy preps are great to have in the beginning, eventually they are going to run out…skills are what is going to help you survive.That group you just sent away, that may just be the group that will be the one thriving a year down the road that you stumble upon starving and in need of help, you better pray that they have forgiveness in their heart.

I think some III% groups and leader need to re-evaluate and reconsider some of their practices, look at and talk to some of their zone members and find out what their leaders are thinking.

I also think that Natural Law Militias are necessary to this; Natural law militias adhere to, as the name indicates, natural law. Inalienable rights of all mankind, no victim no crime. These groups are made up of those that have counted the cost and are willing to go against the established corporate system. What is illegal is not necessarily unlawful and what is legal is not necessarily lawful. These groups are only concerned with what is lawful. They are concerned with your God given rights, your Natural rights. They are concerned with what the founding fathers were trying to protect with The Constitution FOR the United States of America. That is what each and every one of us should be concerned with.

I see great changes happening in our country, after all it is still our country, We The People. We are not lost, we just took a wrong turn, it was taken from us a long time ago, much longer than any of us know. The changes happening are good ones…many of them are because of the good in these liberty loving groups. I say liberty because there is a difference between liberty and freedom. We are not a democratic country we are a Republic, that is what we must restore. We must follow The constitution FOR the United States of America. We must fight for and defend our God given natural rights. Can we do this and not find ourselves in the prisons of the corporation that our government has become? How? That is what I am hoping to teach with a little help from my friends. Is this going to happen over night? No. We can’t expect one man sitting in a big white house to do it either. People running for office is a start…working from the top down, but we have to work from the bottom up. Acting lawfully, not necessarily legally. Remember my like minded friends, words have meaning.

This is a huge task to undertake, we have been lied to for many years. Time to get back to basics. I believe these groups, in every state, run the right way is a great place to start, A Natural Law Militia in place in every state, people willing to put it all on the line all over this country. After all isn’t that what our founding fathers did?

In reality I believe it was 1% of that III% that was willing to lose it all, to die in the name of liberty. I am part of that 1%. Are you? Are you ready to step out from behind the desk? Are you ready to step out from behind the excuses? I know that skills of all sorts are needed to get this done. It takes a lot of you saying enough and moving forward. Just ask to be pointed in the right direction. Someone has something you can do. I am sure of it.

One percent…III%…I want to see more…don’t you?

Please join me next week as I have a live event with Matt Marshall of WAIII% and Eric Ej Parker of ID III% for a discussion on this piece and what has been happening in the arena of III% groups. What you can do to get involved and how you can make your groups better if you already are. How you can protect yourselves online and much more. It is sure to be educational and something you will want to invite your friends and family to watch even if they are not as we like to say “like minded”

As always pray for our country and God Bless.

Little Boots.

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  1. Absolutely outstanding

  2. Harry Jack Graybill | June 12, 2018 at 8:02 pm | Reply

    I am just me; a home body and one who wants people to be free, safe and well.
    I can not do: field, gun, combat, wood craft or hunting skills, but I support those who can.

  3. Johnathon Alexander | June 26, 2018 at 11:32 am | Reply

    Sounds like you guys are headed the right direction. As always the U.S. Militia will be more than happy to work and train with all Patriot groups and Militias.
    Captain Alexander
    CO / U.S. Militia Northern Command Shoshone county Idaho.

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