Good Patriots, Evil Hearts, Weak Intestinal Fortitude, and Twisted Minds

I have been struggling with this piece for a bit now, not that it is hard to write, it really isn’t.  I have been arguing with The Almighty that I didn’t want to write it because I know full well what He was asking and what the cost may well be.  Well, in true fashion of my Loving Father He kept gently pushing (and adding to it mind you) until here I sit.  

Ever since I made the decision to speak out publicly, to make a stand and become actively involved in this fight for our republic, I have seen some things that have made me very proud of the people that I am standing beside.  Proud that I get to call them “brothers and sisters” in this fight. There have been the ones that He has placed in my life that I cared deeply for, and in some ways still do. These were the ones that He sent to me to either test me, teach me or just to help me through a period in my life or for me to help them through a period in theirs.  Some I wish that I was still close to, but they were there for a season and that season has passed, but for the imprint that they left on my heart I will be forever grateful, even if that imprint happens to be a scar.  

Then there are those that I have had God whisper to me in my heart that they are to be my family…they will be the ones that will be my inner circle, something He has told me He would supply to me for many years. I will share that story someday as well, because it is the whole reason I am even on this journey with you. 

I have met so many good patriots along the way, many of whom I have made personal friends with…and I have not even met them personally yet I am not even able to begin to attempt to list them, I just know that I can count on them to help out when help is needed.  They have always rallied together when someone…ANYONE needed help.  That is one of the things that I love about the heart of this “patriot thing” the willingness to see someone in need of a helping hand, be it a hug, someone to listen, a place to lay their head…and something is done on some scale to help. 

There were countless of these types of patriots/people after the protest at Malhuer Wildlife Refuge, or for me it will always be Harney County Resource Center, ended in Oregon. Heartbroken, determined and yes, angry, gathering from all over the country to make their voices heard.  Good patriots are strong in convictions and in bond.  Even if they didn’t agree on things they all agreed that enough was enough and they set differences aside and agreed to disagree to find a solution to the problems at hand…the political patriotic prisoners (P3) and justice for the murder of LaVoy Finicum. 

My inner circle started to form early on, Deb Jordan and Pete Santilli were right there.  They were by my side and never faltered.  There were times that people tried to make my trust in them falter. I mean if the refuge was flooded with informants and provocateurs why wouldn’t our supporters, three percent groups and militias be as well? Think about it!  You know what I did when this happened?  I called Deb and I outright asked her!  When Pete was released…yup, I outright called and asked him.  These are people that cared about me and my life, in every sense of the word. 

I had to learn sometimes the hard way that you cannot trust everyone, no matter how much you want to though.  I learned fast though and became friends with some and cared deeply never really trusting though…which was good because they were just out to destroy me, those I loved, or just then relationships I had with them… but I was able to meet a few more that are in my personal inner circle through them.  I am not going to reveal all of my inner circle but one I did meet through just the type of person I mentioned.

Matt Marshall is a man among men.  He has served in our armed forces and he is a force to be reckoned with.  Now I don’t say this because “he’s my friend and he is going to beat you up,” I say this because he is the kind of man that many can take example from of what a good patriot is.  

He understands that the government is corrupt, he understands that it had gone way out of the confines of what The Constitution outlines and needs to be drawn back in line…here is the best part, he also understands that we have to try to do this in the right way.  That we did not get here over night and we are not going to fix it overnight either. 

As a leader in the three percent community Matt values everyone in this fight, he knows we all have a role and a purpose and that violence is our last measure.  He is a strong leader, husband, father, patriot, friend and I am so thankful that God chose him to be in my inner circle. 

I will not be naming any more of my inner circle as you know that a girl has to have her secrets in her toolbox, but there is another soldier to two, a sailor, a viking, some women who I would not underestimate and believe it or not a couple of kids that would give the prior listed a run for their money I bet! 

Good patriots are not so hard to spot, their actions ring true to their words, time and time again…they do not veer or falter in their convictions.  The Constitution is just that…they are not unreasonable, they will sit down and talk with you not at you (well most of them), often if they can see eye to eye with you they will walk away and pray for you, but make no mistake…a good patriot, if provoked…if pushed, threatened with bodily harm to them and theirs will invoke their God given rights to protect themselves no matter the cost.  

It gets a little harder when it comes to the evil hearts, weak intestinal fortitude and twisted minds.  I have seen some good patriots (or what I thought were good patriots) fall to this. 

You all have seen the evil hearts, in our government, law enforcement tactics, and in people on both sides of the political party and some that haven’t chosen a “party” to join.   Heck, it really isn’t much of a party is it?  

There has been evil hearts since the beginning of time, but let’s just keep this patriotic shall we?  Our forefathers were fighting to break free from a corrupt and evil tyranny way back then, but there was evil then…right from the start and it hasn’t stopped, and look at us now.  Our republic is in a mess, and those that came together to accomplish something good…all I have to say is what the heck is going on with everyone.  For a while there, though it never went away, the attacks on each other had calmed down to a cell of people. Now it has gone nuclear again. Everyone has gone off their rockers and no one wants to speak, stand or be the one to speak truth…least of all the P3.


I know many were hoping of all hopes when the P3 were released that much of the guessing, innuendos and attacks would be put to rest, but good gracious!  I feel like it is Friday night at the high school drags and everyone has pulled out their pink slips, slapped on their slicks, hooked up the nitro and the girlfriends are screaming at each other that their boyfriend’s car is faster yet no one wants to race!  

What the heck is wrong with you people?  This is where it get’s real.  I will be the first one to call myself out.  I have gotten sick of some of the crud and called some people out and don’t have all the screen shots or the evidence to back it up because well I took out the trash.  I also get that the one time I DID do that even with the black and white truth staring people in the face a lot of people didn’t want to see, read or believe the truth…that is part of human behavior I will not understand…the “stick my head in the sand and pretend” syndrome.

There is a few new terms going around the patriot community, “poo flinging” and “label lynching.” Good terms.  If you use them right.  Now, the refuge was infiltrated. We are infiltrated as a “movement” we have a “deep state” and “radical left” of our own.  People that want to do damage from the inside out.  People that have come into our movement and have done extraordinary works for others and have been so very selfless, yet they have done massive amounts of hurt and damage to others as well, many more than they have helped it seems, without so much as an apology.  Some have even attacked others and then when the victim defends themselves, the attacker quickly turns themselves into the victim. This is a very sick and dangerous game.  Standing back and watching is painful, I lived in a house like this for a while, it can actually make the original victim start to feel as if they are crazy.  This is a repeated pattern and it seems to be accepted by many.  Why is it a child is expected to apologize and learn from their poor behavior and has punishment (or should) if they do not, but adults that should know better already are given a slide because they do some good in-between their bad behavior but show no remorse. I cannot and will not reward bad behavior.  Calling these people out with hard evidence shunning them and exterminating them from the community which we want strong is not poo flinging, it is getting rid of the weeds so that our garden can flourish and we can be strong and get the real work done.  These very people want to say they are being label lynched…or that we who were once united (for the most part) and strong are a Lynch mob, well o.k. yeah we are, it is needed, especially when we have good patriots drinking some of their very bad kool-aid.

Do you have then intestinal fortitude to stand up?  I see so many complaining about the very things that I am talking about.  “We need to get rid of what is tearing us apart.” All agreeing that we need to have evidence to back the claims.  Many have come forward to be the one to collect the evidence, post that evidence and take the brunt of the heat.  Then the response has been…”Oh I want to stay out of it”. 


You can’t keep your head low and hope you survive the friendly fire.  There is no such thing as friendly fire anymore!  

Are you worried about your friends list?  Really?  I don’t care…they were not my friends really anyway then and they were not in it for the right reasons.  If they can’t stand to read the truth right in front of them and accept it for what it is then what were they in it for?  If you can’t be brave enough to clean house put up the evidence then what are you in this for?  You are not in it for any of the reasons I know most to be. 

 Are you worried about losing real life friends? Same thing…they were not your real friends and would not have had your six anyway (by the way not many really would anyway…I have seen that over used phrase thrown around and not backed up far too often.  If you are not going to embrace what it really means keep your mouth shut). 

Heck I have had some of the evil and twisted minds try to destroy my personal friendships because of this fight we are in.  Their attempts were quite adorable in the fact that they thought they didn’t know who was dong it, they thought they were smarter than my friend and myself, and they purely underestimated the strength of the friendships.  Oh yeah checker vs. chess sweetie…checkers vs. chess. NEXT!!! 

What are you willing to put on the line? What is your intestinal fortitude made of?  I sure hope it is going to prove to be much more than those that have had the balls to come in and try to push and force their messed up psychology of what The Constitution says and means on you, what liberties you should have.  Pushing your buttons in all the wrong ways (here is a truth for you) and taking your voice all the while.  So many strong voices that I don’t hear from anymore! It is time to push back and take back.  

Are you not tired of being mocked in the open?  Are you not tired of not being able to say what is right and true because you might offend someone on your friends list?  If you have the proof, and you are not exposing the corruption that I am speaking of sharing it, you are part of the issue and have to take responsibility for the fraction in the unity and for any more good patriots that may be taken in by their falsities.

The journey that we are on is rocky and twisted we do not need twisted minds leading us astray.  We have to be vigilant and educated in what is right and true.  If you are honest with yourself most of all, you will be able to decipher a lot for yourself, that which you can’t go to prayer.   

You know, there is much out there to know, there is much at question, it will all come out.  I know, for a fact that we are going to have to have these weeds gone and far away from being able to do damage before that happens.  The strong with need to be strong to help those that will be hurt greatly.  We do not need these with evil hearts and twisted minds around to feed on that. 

Those of you that do not have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and put up…get off my friends list.  I don’t have time to listen to your whining, help get the weeds out or you are just as bad, only you are the rock that needs to be thrown out, at least a weed has some sort of use.  

There are strong leaders to get in place, from cities to the top, from small little groups, classes to massive groups to organize across country.  There is real work to do.  

You want to get to work?  I sure as hell do.  

Good patriots…roll out!


8 Comments on "Good Patriots, Evil Hearts, Weak Intestinal Fortitude, and Twisted Minds"

  1. Its been a ongoing saga for a very long time

    • Well the “saga” aspect can go on without me…if people want to get some things done, learn some skills and get some things changed…hop on board. If they are board and want to be entertained by the Patriot version of the Kardashians meets Dallas and Dynasty mixed with a little Dukes of Hazard and the Three Stooges….go for it. I know where the real patriots are.

  2. Great job sista! (May want to check but seemed duplicated in some areas. Might just be my phone/browser?)
    So busy with classes, training & getting the new 501 up n running I’m missing the “poo flinging” & “label lynching”… should I even ask???
    Much love & respect as always!!!

  3. Corey Lequieu | August 4, 2018 at 9:41 pm | Reply

    I have no problems nameing Kelli Stewart Gavin seim John lamb and Joshua Martinez as being our main enemies that need To be removed from the movement. Along with those that go along with the blue Isis bullshit!! There a more to be exposed and more on continue the mission!!! I have been in this movement for years and I’m not about to stop or give up the fight now!!

  4. Melina, thank you for once again for giving us all another piece of your heart. Reading this you know immediately, this woman has transitioned from victim to survivor! We love you girl!!!

  5. You say the Lord led you to write this and you initially resisted. I KNOW the Lord led you in this one because i think it is the most moving and profound thing I have read from you yet. You keep writing ! dont you ever hold back when you feel that kind of prompting.

  6. Hope to get a chance to discuss lots of this in person soon. The whole where we go from here bit. I’m down for whatever tough and messy and dirty work is needed. Count me in girlfriend. Love you.

  7. Thank you for writing this. It confirms my decision to not support certain people who were really rubbing me the wrong way and who seemed to be going down a path I found very radical. I have done all I can to support the Patriot community and want no part of the blue isis business. I have law officers in my family who I know to be fighting on my side for our Constitutional Republic.
    Kind Regards

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