End Times…Confusing times

Almost two years…it has been that long ago we lost a great man and patriot and many others have been locked away by a corrupt government who have no regard for The Constitution let alone human decency.  As much as I hate to admit it, we let them do it, We The People were complacent for far to long and the few that weren’t were just that…too few.

I have never hid the fact that I have a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior, so this piece may rub those of you that don’t the wrong way, I am not going to apologize for that.  We are living in End Times.  Just look around you, look at how the people around you are acting, look at how the government is acting, look at what is going on in the world…it is undeniable.

I do want to address how we as “patriots” are treating each other.  I know, I know…it is so very hard to know who to trust now days.  I am fairly certain that by now you have your very small circle of people that you know you can trust.  Hold on to that, but be wary, in these end times people will turn, it is said husbands will turn against wives, parents against child…etc.  We as “patriots” seem to want to eat each other alive at the first chance we get.

Before I continue I want to make one thing very clear, I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANYONE COMING TO ME WITH ANY BAD WORDS AGAINST PETE SANTILLI IN ANY FORM!!!! You do not know his circumstances, I do not know his circumstances and until you have spent almost two years in a Federal Prison for something you did not do, don’t you dare even THINK you have the right to even guess you know what is going on.  I don’t want to hear it.  I have seen so many families hurt and destroyed by this.  I have many friends still behind those walls, trapped in a system full of darkness and corruption where the truth and our Constitution, our rights do not exist.  Pete and Deb are like family and I will not tolerate anyone badmouthing or coming to me with that kind of pure crap. So STOP! If you were thinking about contacting me with it don’t.

Now as I was saying, evil will penetrate our families, our small and trusted groups and all the things we know and hold dear and try to tear us apart from the very seams.  We will lose some that we thought we would have to the end.  We will have to cut ties, some will walk away, some we will fight for and sadly we will let them destroy a lot of who we are before we wake to the reality.  I know it sounds a lot like daily life doesn’t it…my friends, it is only going to get worse, on a scale of the likes you have never seen.  I am sure some of you are seeing the start of it. I know I am. Who you are will be questioned to the core…stand true to yourself and The Lord, never waiver, if you do you have surely lost. Lies, deception, and evil are running amok as you have seen all over this country and world, in our daily lives;

We must arm our hearts and minds with The Truth, be ever faithful, honest and be prayerful.  We must also be vigilant with our knowledge and quick to take a knee when we are in doubt.

Look at what is happening just in the country we love.  Corruption abounds, we are nothing but contractual pawns in their big corporate game.  Our beloved Constitution is just a shadow of the proud document it once was forged in battle and blood wafting in the background.

Tragedies fabricated to push their agendas and hide what they are really doing or what they are really after, killing and framing innocent people, ruining countless families.  Antifa is the “norm” in the news, government agencies gone rogue…it is everywhere, and no-one is stopping it.

Worldwide our waters are not safe to eat from, our soils are polluted our air is unbreathable, and frankly I would be sitting here for days if I got into the politics, but to put it in an over simplified way…there are missiles being pointed back at the missiles pointed at the first missiles that were pointed that were told not to be pointed or built in the first place and everyone is yelling at everyone else like school children that never quite grew up and that is not necessarily a stable environment now is it and the UN is just enjoying the cluster mess of it all.

I don’t know about you, but I can clearly see the path to where this all leads and no matter how you chose to see it, how you chose to describe it, it isn’t a pretty path to have to take.  One way or another, somewhere down the line (I am going to be quite blunt here) it is going to turn into a bloody path.  For as we all know all to well, history repeats if we care to not take heed and learn from it, and far too many have not learned.  Of course it is hard to learn from it when they hide it and quit teaching.  We have to teach as many as we can, our children, grandchildren, impress how important it is to pass it along for as long as we are here on this earth.

Did our forefathers teach us nothing?  I am sadden that many of their lessons have been lost and/or twisted over the ages, that what they have fought for has been eroded down to whispers of freedom and faint battle cries, monuments and mentions in history books are being removed and rewritten to suit agendas and to change perspectives…oh but there are those that remember, there are those that can never forget.  These lessons that they left us, are burned into hearts and minds across this country, across the world…people used to fight to get to this country for the freedom it promised; now they fight to get to this country to destroy it. I cry as I write this because we as Americans unwittingly gave them a head start.

Is it too hard because of the liars, the infiltrators, detractors, the fact that you aren’t sure if you can trust people you have known for years, your own husband, wife, child, sister, brother (blood or patriot…because sometimes patriot can be closer than blood let me tell you), is that it? Is it that the government is so big we can’t possibly turn it around or if it came to civil war or a revolution we could not possibly win?  Is this why so many, sit idle, talk big, and say if this happens well they will be sorry?  Is this why the protectors of liberty and freedom, the ones that will rise with great determination and strength, deep in the shadows, the ones that you hear whispers of, are still there? Is this why the watchers are still watching? I assure you, Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Madison and their “crew” had the same questions and concerns but at one point, they finally had to say enough was enough and the sheer will of mind, what was in their hearts, what they knew in their souls, what God had instilled in them could not be denied or stopped.

In relation, their government they were fighting was huge…yet…three percent; and God.

Do I think it is time to call for a revolution? Am I calling for one? I am not going to answer that, and I can’t do that. I am just a little gal who writes what she thinks and feels every now and again, but what I can call for is for you to open your eyes to what is going on directly around you, see if what I am telling you is striking a chord with you. See if it is happening in your life, or in the lives around you.  I know for a fact it is in many of your lives, some of you it hasn’t directly affected yet.  It will.

Our world has changed drastically, many have been awakened to this, many have not yet.  I feel that is coming and that it is coming fast.  I feel that some events on the horizon are going to do just that, how it is handled by those that are awakened will shape much of what is to come.

We have trials coming (not unlike the mock trials our forefathers were breaking away from), what is claiming to be a country wide protest of immense proportions, we have all around complete and utter civil unrest…and then we have the global uneasiness going on in the background.

My friends and family, it is a boiling pot…what is the reaction going to be when it boils over?

Are you being honest with yourself?

Does your family, without a shadow of a doubt know they can count on you?

Are you ready to truly stand and unseat yourself from behind your keyboard?

You are saying…”Yup I have this, this and that…” Great!  I am so glad you are prepared…no being sarcastic by any means at all…now do you know how to use it?

Do you know who to trust? Look at actions…words are so very cheap as we have all learned.

Do you know what your actions are going to be?

Are you aware of the costs? After all “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

These are questions we all need to be asking ourselves.

The worse part about these questions is that you are not going to like some of the answers, I sure as heck know I didn’t like some of mine and I sure as heck did not like some of the decisions I had to come to and actions I had to take.

Be honest, be true to yourself, be true to the Lord above, when in doubt pray…pray for guidance, your family, your friends and your country.

We must fight, they are coming for what little freedoms we have left the two they fear the most are freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.  Our forefathers knew this…these are GOD given rights, all of our rights are, they simply put them to paper.

These men were not career politicians, there were in fact angry men…the outlaws, the extremists, who simply refused to sit back and let the elite political establishment oppress and rule over their lives.  They were jailed, killed, made to be liars, traitors and villains.  Do not forget these facts.  They were also very wise and speak to us to this day.

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter”

When the government takes away citizens’ right to bear ams it becomes citizens’ duty to take away governments’ right to govern”

George Washington

I leave you with this quote from Thomas Jefferson.  It is one that I find most prophetic, it is one that makes me very ashamed and sad for us as Americans today.

“Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic.  But will they keep it?  Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom? Material abundance without character is the path of destruction”

Our path is clear…our vision and hearts must be too.

God Bless,

Melina aka Little Boots

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