Echos of Hellboy and 1776


I wrote this after Hellboy’s human Duane Ehmer gave me the go ahead to give his pony a Facebook presence. When I started the Unofficial Hellboy Page after Hellyboy and Duane were arrested…I received threats of legal and bodily harm over the site…but it was deserving of my friend…yes the horse and his human. Go check it out, look at the pictures, add your pictures if you like…this is Hellboy, a horse that won my heart, I hope to see him again someday to feed him another apple with Duane’s permission…then sneak him one without it, just like I did on the Refuge.  


Hellboy and his human Duane Ehmer are local to the Harney County Resource Center, they came out to see for themselves what was going on…and they stayed to support the Bundy’s and everyone else out here.

They ride the perimeter day and night, it is cold out here folks, but in the wee hours of the morning these two can be found riding around making sure everyone inside is safe and sound. You see Hellboy can see and hear things that we mere humans can not in the dark and he let’s his human know.

Until they found the stable that is on sight they slept outside together, that is how close these two are.

Duane has had Hellboy since he was a baby, he did give him to a friend when he was about 3 but got him back a few days before the occupation began.

What a way to re-bond.

Duane has been taking the time to lovingly clean up and restore the stables that are on the grounds as they had been neglected for many years and misused.

I had an opportunity to see the stables and Duane showed me what he has done so far, he is proud that he can clean it up and restore it to the beauty it should be. He puts his heart into it. He stated that Hellboy had never had it so good, and that he is the star of the show.

When I walked in, it took me back in time to 1776, when our forefathers fought for our freedoms and country, and as I looked at Hellboy’s saddle straddling the gate and his tack hanging on the wall…I couldn’t help but think about how it must be a picture very similar to back then…I actually teared up a little. I glanced over at the flag posted in the corner that is always in the saddle with pride…WE THE PEOPLE…we the people…we have to realize, this is a revolution…again…it is happening again, our great country is waking up, WE THE PEOPLE have been sleeping.

Paul Revere had his ride, now today, in 2016 Hellboy and Duane have their ride…I think it may be just as historical, right here, in this stable, where I took pictures, and sat quietly with Hellboy, I can almost hear the cries of the patriots in the past mixing with the cries of the patriots of today…
Come see this historical ride for yourself.


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