Do You Support The Blue Or #blueisis Rhetoric?

I have mostly ignored this issue so far, but the tugging at my heart, the nagging in my brain and the sinking feeling I get in my stomach every time I see that symbol followed by that insane, ignorant and dangerous…yes, make no mistake it is dangerous “phrase” is my Lord and Savior telling me that it is time to address the issue. 

I think in order for us to understand what is happening here is that you have to understand what you are supposed to stand for, what you want to stand for and who you want to align yourselves with.  Let me be VERY clear here.  This does not mean that you cannot be friends with someone, this does not mean that you cannot support other things that people do or may have done in the past.  I ask you does that make what they do, say and think right in this moment?  Does that make them right always?  Of course not.  Just because you follow my site, may agree with me most of the time, does that mean you are always going to, of course not…are you going to unfriend me because you don’t agree with me?  Well, that is up to you but I certainly hope that the level of maturity reached among us is much higher than that and that my track record has been consistent enough that you know I am not an unreasonable person, and if I lose my way, I get back there.  

Now you have to decide for yourself and this is going to be a person by person basis what you stand for.  Do you stand for the constitution as it was intended?  Do you want our country restored to a republic?  Do you want our freedoms restored to what all the founding documents outlined, our government put back into our hands?  Go ahead, think about that, make your choice, talk it over with your Maker…I will wait.  

Good, now that you have your answer no matter what that is, let’s get on with this.  As I said it may hurt a little but sometimes it takes that slap in the face by someone we least expect it from to get through.  

Most of us want all that I listed above.  Many have worked hard to educate on how to get there, some ended up in chains because of that education, one ended up in his heavenly home.  Many came to fight for their freedom and to educate as well.  A small group of these people either have lost their way or had a skewed agenda all along.  A wolf in sheepdog’s clothing if you will. 

Now before you all start choking on your Cheetos and throwing them at your computer screen, hear me out, or read me out…or something.  

You have a person who has been pretty well respected and listened to in this “movement” and has had great impact.  Heck I was even honored to meet him in Olympia at LaVoy’s memorial rally.  I started to converse with him and we became allies and friends, I started to see my friend change before my very eyes in ways that I could not and would not agree with EVER.  I had to back away.  I pray for him daily, I hope that he sees that he is causing more damage and division than good, I also hope and pray this isn’t his goal.  I will never deny all the good he did in the past, nor will I ever deny all the great patriots that he helped awaken, fortunately most have seen he has lost his path. I miss the Gavin I met, I miss my friend who had his senses about him and was firm in the Lord and what most of my constitutional comrades believe.  

(Hey there we go, since patriots has been so warped as of late we can be constitutional comrades…think about it.  Ok, back to the task at hand)

Now enter a sweet “young” girl, who claimed that she didn’t know anything of the refuge or of patriots until after LaVoy was murdered and everyone was arrested, recently I read that she wished she would have gone down to the refuge right after she heard it on the news, I am not sure which is true but it really does not matter for this piece.  The point is she did great things for what we call the P3 aka Patriot Political Prisoners (thank you Scott Drexler) so much so that the divisions she was causing and the people she was hurting along the way was overlooked and for some even forgiven.  Due to the fact that so many loved ones were incarcerated many voices, including my own did not speak up or out on what was happening in fear of hurting them or the court case so the audience for this girl grew and grew to mammoth proportions, as her narrative slowly changed along the way…just like Gavin’s did.  People didn’t see how she would act one way and then another, say one thing and do another…back peddle…to this day.  I will be the first to admit, I didn’t want to believe it, I gave chances for redemption, but it just got worse. To the point of harming the very families that she claimed she was trying to help, the very P3.  Great supporters were leaving, ones that had been in the constitutional movement for years, some won’t even deal with anything “Bundy” ever again.  That breaks my heart.  She pushes these people away on purpose, you disagree the slightest thing and you are exiled…banned, blocked and talked about to the families untruthfully.  Kelli, I saw such hope in you at the beginning.  Many of us did, now we just see something we loved very much being torn apart, and people, families we love and adore hurt and punished and you don’t even see what you are doing.  I pray that your eyes will be opened to it and your blinders removed…or do you see what you are doing…did we as a community not comply to your plan?

As for the third person always associated in this I will not go there, for in my heart I do not believe that deep down he believes in the same core values nor does he have a malicious bone in his body, led astray a little, maybe, but I still believe that he loves and wants to do good for all in his heart of hearts.  I have always enjoyed my conversations with him and he has always reached out to me to see if he can assist, I may be wrong, I am allowed, only God and time will tell. I have been warned and I just keep that in my mind and see what path this man takes.  His actions will base my decision. John, I hope you are healing well and that you have a full recovery.

Do these tactics sound familiar to you?  The slow poisoning to get people to comply and follow?


Just think about it. That is all I ever ask any of you to do, is think and make up your own mind.  The hardest part of what I ask is that you be completely honest with yourself.  Start looking at this honestly and openly, start talking to the right people.  For goodness sake, please do it in PRIVATE.  I am tired of everyone airing out their laundry in public!!!!! 

This brings us to the symbol formerly known as the pound sign and the term “blueisis.”  The brainchild of Gavin, over used by Kelli and their followers. 

I don’t know when Gavin decided that ALL police officers were bad, I really don’t.  I know that he kept inviting a constitutional officer to meet him for coffee…but being constitutional in Gavin’s eyes for an officer was a little demanding.  There were things that the officer had to be willing to do right then and there to qualify as constitutional.  

We do have constitutional officers in place that are trying to make changes from the inside out, and in order to stay on the inside there are some concessions that need to be made.

Now, we also have corrupt and horrible law enforcement officers that need to be removed from the system…some may or may not have started out this way but regardless they need to go, there is no denying that…to classify all under this horrific description is just vile. 


Personally I am looking at the end game. Then again, we are talking of someone who fled to Mexico to flee the courts (yes they are corrupt courts but they can be beat) and he calls us #faketriots (there I did it).  Of course Mexico seems free when you are an American with money and the exchange rate is $1.00 to 19.5 Pesos. As Gavin fled our plight, thousands flee his “free” Mexico to get to the country he abandoned. 

Then you have the sweet girl chastising us for “bowing to kiss the ring” constantly as she complains of paying for this permit or this license. Yet in her throws of judgement of militias, three percent groups, constitutionalist (in the purest form) she fails to see how in order to break the chains of tyranny we find ourselves in we have to play by their legal rules to get to the point of being lawful again.  Chess vs. Checkers.  We cannot incite hate and violence,  which is exactly what this “blueisis” rant does. 

I don’t believe for one moment…not one single second that any of the leaders of the families support this thinking. If I am wrong they have my number I am sure I will get a call and I will recant what I just said, and I will personally call Gavin and Kelli and apologize for this part of my piece.  

How does this incite violence and hate?  Well, let’s look at ISIS for a moment shall we?

ISIS represents a blatant disregard for human life, often directly ignoring their own religious teaching about the sanctity of women and children’s lives.

They revel in their acts of torture and mutilation although mainstream Islamic teachings prohibit torture and the mutilation of dead bodies or disrespecting the dead in anyway. ISIS’ barbaric actions are a reflection of the worst tendencies of humans.

Their misogynistic attitude towards women, forcing them to wear black as an extreme measure of “modest dress,” including that they insist on confining them to their homes, this is when vast amounts of Muslim women across the world are doctors, scientists, professors, and heads of state, this is a very twisted version of Islamic teachings. 

Concubinage (taking female prisoners of war as sex slaves) is something that ISIS has brought back. This is being used both as a recruiting bonus (I’ll take a check please) and a horrific justification for the unthinkable and inexcusable act of wartime rape.

Driving people out of their homes massively, killing and destroying out of pure aggression. 

Failure to believe in what they promote, their form of Islam, their narrative…is a crime deserving of death, mutilation, or slavery.

Now, keeping in mind that we do have over the top bad officers out there, we do have a plethora of great officers out there in the fight for the right reasons, in the fight with us for our country back, but according to this “blueisis” movement they are all bad.  

Using the term “blueisis” you are describing our men and women in blue, or brown, or black, as what I just described above.  THAT is ISIS.  That is what you are calling these people.  Tell me how that does not raise tensions between us and them.  If you support the term or hate it, it really makes no difference to them.  Look at it this way, I doubt the ones using this retched term have. 

You get pulled over by an officer, you ran a stop sign and almost caused a collision because you were over tired.  You don’t plan on causing any issues with this officer.  You hope to explain and get off with a warning.  

The officer has no intention of ticketing you, it is 3 a.m. it is just a check to see if you are o.k. and let’s be honest here, sobriety…but all in all a warning to be a little more cautious.  They see the III% sticker, 2A sticker…no problem, constitutional person.  They may ask if you are carrying.  Then they see Bundy Strong, or LV, or RESIST, their mind flares back to FB over the past 2 plus years…they know of the plight most law enforcement does, then they remember that “blueisis” on a page related to the stickers on your vehicle.  Doesn’t matter if it was you…(put yourself in the officers shoes)

Same thing if an officer sees you at a restaurant and you say hello and are about to ask a question or simply thank him/her for their service, maybe they recognize your face or your shirt…”blueisis” flashes…(what are they feeling? There is a person under that uniform)

I should not have to spell this out, but by using that term you are telling every police officer that you compare them with a raping, murdering, mutilating group.  That you think they are a monster and that you hate them, take it further…what do most Americans want to do when met with ISIS?  You use that term you are inciting a bad situation, like it or not.  

Have some respect for the the people under the uniform…period, work to change what the uniform stands for to yourself and others, but don’t put that person’s life at stake with your stupid phrase while you sip on your drink in Mexico, milk your goats, or ask others to protect you while you are at a rally then judge others when they actually protect themselves.  

Solution, do what all the lawful constitutional patriots are doing.  Quit just yelling about injustices, quit concentrating on one aspect of this battle to get our republic back.  Quit causing the division and then complaining about it.  Quit being judgmental about what others are doing when they are DOING something, keeping their heads down…not being the talk of the town and wow, if you look up, they are making real big changes happen.  

The following are just thoughts and ideas to spark your own, I am planning to visit my own enforcement offices and have my own conversations.  When I see what works I will let you know.  If you find something that works that is PRODUCTIVE, that is the word here, productive.  Let me know.  The goal here is to find out where the so called bad seed is from their point of view, what they think is going on.  From more than one officer, more than one agency.  Stick your neck out there I think you are going to be shocked at what you hear. 

Why not go to a station, talk to some officers, don’t be all uppity and “Hey I am so and so, we need to talk about how bad you are and why you need to change…”  I have seen this approach and frankly…what are you thinking?  PEOPLE SKILLS!  

Why not ask “Hello, I’m __________ I would like to talk to you about some of the challenges you and your department face and how the department as a whole feels about the constitution…”. 

The same as with our government, we may not be able to change it completely legislatively, that is true, let me tell you something though, it does my heart good to see great people like Matt Shea in office, Allen Acosta, Robert J. Sutherland, Joey Gibson, and many more running, then future whispers of possible candidates. There is also Eastern Washington looking to becoming Liberty State!!!  Can you imagine the possibilities! 

What if we could do this with law enforcement, a retooling in the mindset, the training and the outlook?  What if little boys and girls dreamed of being a police officer again because they are the good guys that we grew up believing them to be once again?  We are slowly winning the war for our republic, this is just yet another battle people and we have to fight it the right way, WE have to be the example of what to do, not the example of what not to do and what not to act like.   You have the power, WE THE PEOPLE have the power…let’s collaborate and enact this together.  No more hate, no more division…anywhere.  We are powerful, and with God behind us nothing can stop us.  We are not going to fix it overnight, but little by little it is happening.  Look at the opposition that our president is facing, and he is still winning against The Swamp Thing!!  Let’s do our part by not taking part in things like “blueisis.” 

I am sorry to say it, if I lose friends over this phrase and not agreeing with it, so be it.  I know where I stand and with whom I stand, God, liberty, and the constitution.  If you want to support this phrase, I will not turn my back on you, but just know we are going to have to agree to disagree and call it that.  I will pray for you and just know that little tugging you feel deep down when you tap out on your keyboard those letters…that is God telling you that something is wrong, or your child tugging at your shirt because they need to go to the bathroom. 

So let me ask you again…do you stand for the Blue or do you represent the rhetoric?  What do you want to breed? Hate or change?  Have you been sipping the Kool-aid of those that possibly have hidden agendas or a skewed narrative, breeding hate without even knowing it?  I don’t want to see anymore lives lost on either side of the line, especially because of the carelessness of someone who isn’t even in the country anymore. 

I know what line I am drawing and standing behind and it is Red, White and BLUE. 

God Bless.

Little Boots

15 Comments on "Do You Support The Blue Or #blueisis Rhetoric?"

  1. Alan Echols | July 8, 2018 at 6:44 pm | Reply

    The blue part of blue Isis most likely comes from the movie Thin Blue Line. A movie about police being able to virtually get away with anything and not be prosecuted. No officer would dare testify against another for fear of being ostracized by others in the cop fraternity. This is based on true events. That said I know many police officers that do not fit that description and are equally angry when one of their own gets a “free pass”. It puts another target on their back. Bad cops are like plane crashes. We hear of every one but we never hear of the thousands of safe landings.

  2. I attend church with someone that is on our county Sheriff’s department. In order to get a feel for where his heart was regarding the constitution I asked if they taught the constitution in his training. He said they did not teach it specifically. It was going well and he even told me his sgt was of a constitutional mind. He then made a negative comment about “constitutionalISTS.” I think he was referring to sovereigns. Rather than go down that rabbit hole I thanked him for talking and broke it off. I am trying to think of ways to delve deeper into what he thinks constitutionalISTS means and how the constitution affects how and what laws he is supposed to enforce.

    • This is exactly what I am referring to, how we are slowly changing things in the government from the top down it needs to be changed the same way in the police department. Training and education changing.

    • Hopefully this artie will help us all find ways to open up dialogue with our local offices. Thank you Steven for sharing your experience. God Bless and keep you.

  3. Chaz Rossow | July 8, 2018 at 8:08 pm | Reply

    You know my eyes are open to everything YOU covered here above , and i will State it Here Now , Weather or not anyone else likes it or Not , I AGREE WITH ALL YOU COVERED HERE ABOVE , AND I ALSO HAVE DRAWN THAT SAME LINE Of ‘Red White and BLUE , and i have been Standing behind it in My Neck Of The Woods for some time now. I have a Good Relationship with most of the Law Officer’s in My Church. Its one of the best places that i can meet and great With Them , Where WE have coffee together after ‘sunday services’ , in a room down the hallway in the Church , called the Hospitality Room. Smart and Wise thing to be doing , Because if the SHTF ever does happen, I want to KNOW WHO I CAN COUNT ON , Simple as that. And Most of Them are just like You and I , Once you Break The Ice. ..aka ‘DARK ANGEL’

  4. Corey Lequieu | July 8, 2018 at 11:30 pm | Reply

    Well said Melina!!! My Debra was at the refuge about 4 weeks after neck fusion surgery and should have never been there!! My Debra is a former deputy sheriff of 13 years. When you get a former law enforcement officer behind you because they know your cause is just and the federal government is breaking the law then all the better for our cause!! It shows that we are in the right how hard is that to understand!!!!

    • It really isn’t. We have to change the system. You can not get the law enforcement that is constitutional to stand with you if you are screaming this rhetoric and hate. You can not convince anyone you are wanting good consequences and change. How can we as a whole say we are constitutional when a group is acting unconstutional and Godless smearing these things all over our pages? We just cant. The change has to start with making the decisision to not accept this bahavior. That doesnt mean we accept corrupt law enforcement either, but we handle it lawfully (remember words have meaning) and in such a way WE are above reproach. Thank you for this eye opening comment my friend.

  5. We are having a sheriff election in our town. I asked one of the candidates about the second Amendment, he said he would not participate in any gun confiscations, I posted an article on how a sheriff stood up against the FDA when they were harrasing a raw milk farmer, I asked would he do the same thing?
    He thanked me for the article and said yes if the federal government was out of line he will stand for the citizens who elected him!! He’s got my vote!!

    I too saw Gavin change and Kelli follow.
    I do not watch Gavin, it is anarchy.
    I watch for the good that Kelli does, while disagreeing on border/immigration issues.
    I dispize the #blueisis!!!
    I didn’t even want to type it now!
    To me it breeds hatred and puts the lives of police in danger as well as civilians who would act out on this rhetoric.
    Gavin is in Mexico selling merchandise with the #blueisis logo, so he is making money off of it. While building a ratical following.
    I have seen too many attack Kelli with satire Facebook sites, they are ugly and vulgar and do not represent the Patriot community well.
    I too struggle at times on who I should support, I so appreciate your post, this too has been bothering me.

    • Thank you this is a very well written comment and exactly what I am trying to get people to think about. I am not trying to start division but heal it and stop something that could be very harmful to our fight to restore our republic. How are we supposed to get Constitutional law enforcement and former law enforcement to stand with us if we look like we are waging war on all instead of trying to change the system and educate? God Bless.

  6. This was a well thought of Writing. I will respectfully disagree with your concerns about “John”
    I saw some over blown Ego’s in a couple of the other names you mentioned. And as far as Gavin….I did Not know “Him” but I admired the Film /documentary on the “Bundy Story.” If he went to Mexico….this was unknown to me…and concerning….
    I hope that people can feel the passion and the Love and sincerity in your writing whether or not the agree with all or only Part of what you wrote. It was well written and very reflective of what some are thinking, Feeling and questioning.

    • Thank you Maggie, as I said where John is concerned I don’t know so I will not comment to it. I respect and love all he has done and sacrificed for the patriots incarcerated and their families, I have never seen him support this “blueisis” nonsense. I really only mentioned him in this article because he is tied in with the others mentioned quite frequently. Yes, the Bundy Story was well put together and produced just as Gavin started to slide a bit…as I said he was my friend and it pained me to see the changes in him. Now he is in Mexico praising how much freedom there is there and how much better it is there than America. I pray for him now. That is all I can do. I want our country and our friends all united and healed. I do not expect everyone to completely agree with all that I have said, but the good Lord would not let me remain silent any longer. When I try to ignore Him it ends up worse for me than anything anyone could say to me in cyber land. Thank you for your comment, it was wonderful. I love you dear one and I pray for your care and protection. God Bless.

  7. I am hoping more people will respond to this writing from “Boots”

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