Checkers and Chess

I had been praying for a direction for Patriot Angel for a long time, I finally got one, I know what needs to be done and I am moving forward with it.  I think many out there need to find a focus as well.  I am not saying to spin on your heel and turn your backs on our political prisoners or the ones that have been released, but I am saying you really need to focus on THEM and not the ones surrounding them.  I know that many have become “spokespeople” for these men and women, wether self appointed or asked to be by the prisoner themselves…but come on, I see way to much effort and energy being focused on what they are doing and very little being put into learning, educating of self, and education of others on how to actually change things. This is the avenue that I will be taking, what a better way to get the message the political prisoners were trying to get across than this?

I know that many have been hurt by many different people, I will not mention names here, because they vary for different people, and it is a cause of great frustration to some just because some of these people have gotten extremely close to family members who maybe don’t know exactly what has happened in their absence.  That is o.k.  That is not for you to decide…who they associate with.  You have to be accountable for just you.

Now, some of you feel forgotten by them because they have not reached out after getting out.  Take this into consideration, they have been away from their lives for two years, family, friends, businesses, etc.  Let them catch up!  You are not forgotten.  I have not gotten a call either, that is o.k.  I get it.  I am sure they will reach out or answer PM’s or email messages when they can

When it comes to all the lies and drama we have to address it of course, then mic drop for goodness sake.  Address the lie.  Expose the truth and then move on with your life. Let it lay. You are giving them (the ones spreading disinformation, lies and spreading dissent) way too much attention which is exactly what they want, even bad publicity is good publicity, isn’t that the saying? Then you get upset when they unfriend or block you.  Your problem just eradicated itself for you and you still are not happy, I just do not understand. If you put half as much time and energy into learning and educating on how we actually got here as a country, how we can make the changes representative by representative, city by city, county by county, state by state, as you do into talking about the dissent in the patriot sewer we have now, this whole thing would be much further along.  We would have a much better idea and plan as to how to crumble the corporate entity masquerading as our federal government and restoring our America the beautiful back to the Republic that our founding fathers intended it to be when the penned the founding documents; The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution FOR the untied States of America.

Everyone is so concerned that the truth come out.  What truth?  The truth according to them?  There is always 4 sides to things, each persons side, somewhere in the middle and the truth.  In the end the truth will always come out.   There is always going to be someone out there that puts in the work and finds the truth, plants the seed, then someone else will water that seed and it will grow…sometimes slowly but it will be strong and choke out the lie.  The truth always comes out, you don’t have to force it, stop trying to force it, stop fretting and worrying about it.  All that is going to do is make you sick and others sick of you. The truth is exposed.  Let it lay, the truth teller does not need to defend, the truth can do that for itself, but the liar will keep at it because it is fighting for life short lived…just let it run it’s course. You can’t change it, you can’t change a person only God can do that so pray and let Him take over, you will feel much better and if everyone would just start dong that there would be a HUGE change in the whole patriot mess we are in.  You are the only person you have power over and you know what, there are way too many people giving their power to someone else…simply put, STOP IT.

On top of giving these people your power you are letting them take away from what you say you really want, your country back and freedom.  Listen close, YOU are letting them keep you in shackles.  You have the key.  You let these individuals fill you up with heartache and bad energy, it can’t feel good to dwell on them and these things all the time.  By all means if that is what you want, knock yourself out, but you will soon find that people will not only get rid of the ones that are causing the issues, but they will get rid of you too, because you are not letting it go.  I know this isn’t true in all cases, DO NOT think I am over simplifying this…ignore the bully, the attention seekers by not giving them what they want…what happens?  Think about it.

So, who is ripping the community apart?  Is it the liars or is it the ones that feel that they need to keep exposing what has already been exposed?  The ones that will not let things die?  We know who is dishonest.  We know what the lies are.  If something new comes to light, yes we need to know, do we need to know for months on end?  Do there need to be endless chats, PM’s and threads that NEVER stop about it?  No.  Also you need to have some VALID PROOF before you start slandering people’s names…not “because I said so” or because so and so told me”.

Look, we are many personalities wanting the same thing, not all are going to get along, that is fine.  Something that needs to be addressed when it comes to the lies, expose them and then let it go.  Pray for the veil to be lifted, it will be in time.

Someone that I love with all my heart and that I respect very much once told me it is like playing checkers vs. playing chess.  You have to think a little more, be much more patient and precise…let the ones lying, giving disinformation, and distracting play checkers…while you play chess.  It may take longer, but you will win and it will count.

God does the same thing, how many times have you wanted something in your life to happen and wanted Him to play checkers to make it happen, instead He took His time and played chess, planning each move, or not moving at all for a long time?  Things looked hopeless, but when He did move it was perfect and beautiful.  It is the same thing…stop trying to force the truth. Stop trying to make people see what they are not ready to see.  They will, when it is time.  The seed is out there…let truth grow.  Let yourself go and grow, educate and learn so you can make the next move and say check mate.

Checkers and chess.

Mic drop.

Little Boots.

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  1. Well spoken. Great analogy on chess/checkers

  2. Great points:

    There is always 4 sides to things, each persons side, somewhere in the middle and the truth. In the end the truth will always come out.

    You have to think a little more, be much more patient and precise…

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