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Honest Abe, Benedict Arnold and Everyone In Between

Since I have become active in this so called patriot movement I have been appalled at the behavior of many. In all fairness, I may have been a bit naive and idealistic in what I thought a patriot should be, in what I was getting into; now my eyes are wide open and I still […]

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The Patriot Family

The Patriot Family You may think you know all about family; fathers, mothers brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, etc., what I am talking about is completely different.  I have my family (sans brother and sister) then I have another family, and in many ways, it is stronger, and weaker depending on which part […]

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Hard Line

As patriots or constitutionalists, we like to say that there is that line that just can not be crossed or we WILL, take action. What exactly does that mean? Over time I have heard so many hard lines being drawn, only to be crossed over with, compared to the implications and what the hot air […]

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