Billy D. Kidd

I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of people in my life, some of

them even famous, but the people that have impacted my life the most,

left impressions on my heart are the people I have met in the past few

years in fighting to restore our country to what God intended.  One

such man who has touched my heart with love and care is Billy D. Kidd.

No, that isn’t his real name folks.  Just like Little Boots or Patriot

Angel is not my real name…but he was smart enough to use it for


I have talked to thousands of folks in just the past 2 and a half

years alone, I have connected personally with some, I call even fewer

friends.  Billy is one of them.  Though we have not had the pleasure

of meeting in person, which I am positive will be remedied; he has

always been supportive of my endeavors, understood when I have had to

take a break and knows what is REALLY going on.

I find this (to quote his FB page because I love it) outlaw patriot to

be an inspiration.  After suffering a tragedy that no one should have

to, having his wife pass away in his arms, he started working with

metal to pass the time.  What had started as something to fill the

hours alone, meant to be a hobby, has turned into something really

amazing for my friend.  He has done many pieces for private clients, a

piece for the family of one of the 22 soldiers that kill themselves

everyday, a piece for American Ninja Warrior, and I am humbled to say

that he has done a piece for me and has offered to do a piece for the

auction that is coming up.  He did this out of his heart, that just

shows that this man has a heart the size of the Texan landscape in

which he now resides.  When I get the chance to meet him, I am giving

him a hug just as big, well as big as a 5’1 115 pound girl can!!  When

things level out, I do have a piece that came to mind that I will be

commissioning from my friend, it just may be a challenge…but I doubt

it, God has truly blessed this man.  His family and girlfriend must be

very proud.

Billy’s hobby has touched many lives and he is soon going to be able

to have more detail and move into other materials, but I think metal

will be his first love.

I hope to have a long lifetime friendship with Billy and that Nordic

Metal Art grows by leaps and bounds.  You can find his work soon on

the Patriot Angel website and when/if he chooses you may be able to

purchase directly from him through there, we will see how it goes, but

for now, go check out what something to fill the hours from a life

tragedy can turn into.  Take some inspiration from my dear friend to

remember, that when life gives you lemons, you look it straight in the

eye and make lemonade, in this case, amazing artwork that speaks to

the heart and soul.

Billy, I am honored that God has placed you in my life and I will

always have your six, like you have mine, just watch out for my hot

brass honey!

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  1. Thank you for your kindness we got this.

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