Who We Are

Melina: I am just an average woman, mom and wife who feels like she woke up a little too late in the game.  Sound familiar?  Seeing that more and more of my freedoms were slipping away everyday and not sure what to do about it I silently watch and did my due diligence in voting, but there had to be more that I could do… I took my first stand for a young man in Seattle, WA in 2015 by the name of Schuyler Barbeau.  Shortly after I found myself at Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon where the Bundy brothers among others had staged a peaceful protest after the Hammond men had turned themselves in on a court case that should have never happened and for time that they had already served. As I was learning about the stand and quite literally having my mind blown it became blatantly clear that the government, or at least the vast majority of it was corrupt, even more disturbing that there was something much deeper going on in Burns, Oregon, Bunkerville, NV and little places like that all over the country.  The government thought of those of us that believed in our God given rights and the Constitution as a virus.  I knew that I had to do something more, but I couldn’t go around doing hard stands, so what was I, one woman going to do?  I got my answer the night I was at home repacking to go back down to Oregon when I got the call that my friend Lavoy Finicum had been murdered with his hands in the air by Oregon State police and many others arrested, among them independent media personality Pete Santilli.  I immediately saw that the news was making the narrative to be something it wasn’t, I knew I had to try to fight that narrative, to tell the truth. Patriot Angel/III% Warrior Blog was born.  I began to write about these men and women who had become my friends, about patriots, about the corruption.  I traveled to court dates, visitations, rallies…but still there had to be more I could do.  I started a radio show, that reached quite a few people, it was about putting the truth out and putting the heart back into the headlines.  It is time for Patriot Angel to morph once again.  I am not shedding the blog, that is where my heart lies, but with the all out attack on free speech I feel the need to make sure there is another source of truth out there, so now we have Patriot Angel News.  I have partnered with Redoubt News as well as I am a contributing writer there so you will see cross posting and us supporting each other.  Independent Media is what we must rely on now as the mainstream has been bought by the devil.  In the near future I will be live streaming events more and more and have a radio show coming back called Liberty or Death Radio.  I hope you like the changes and enjoy the content that is coming your way.  This is a project born of love for God, my country and our freedom to live as we wish without hurting one another.

As always, God Bless.

Little Boots