Hello friends and new comers! Welcome to Patriot Angel/ III% Warrior!  I am so glad that you have found this site.  Let me tell you a little bit about how this all got started, what has happened and the exciting things I hope that are to come.


In December of 2015 I decide it was time for me, to come out of the “patriotic closet” so to speak, in other words to stop being silent in my patriotism.  So I went with my best friend to the federal courthouse in Seattle where a young former Marine, Schuyler Barbeau was being unconstitutionally detained…and with a group of other wonderful Americans that believe in the Constitution and the God given rights that are stated within, we showed a great support for this young man.  To make a long story short (you can read the stories on this site or within the links on the link tab) this started a whole new life for me.  Including another stand just a few weeks later in Oregon which led to many of those I stood with in Seattle to be unconstitutionally incarcerated (and so much more) and another friend to be murdered in a snowbank on HWY 395 in Oregon.

It is these very events which led to the birth of patriotangel.com.  The name came from the pastor that visited the refuge from Louisiana to give church services the Sunday before LaVoy Finicum was murdered, something he always says, it’s Christ IN you. he sent me a picture of a warrior angel. It seemed fitting for the task at hand.

You see, the mainstream media immediately started spinning the narrative that the law enforcement, FBI, and other “three letter” or “alphabet soup” agencies; the government wanted the general public to believe, the narrative they started when the claimed “ARMED STAND OFF….Armed Militia took over wildlife refuge in Burns, Oregon” well, I am here to tell you, most there, didn’t even belong to a militia.  Armed? Well yeah, we are talking ranchers, cowboys, supporters of the Second Amendment and the Constitution as a whole, we are also talking peacekeepers, and mostly God fearing men and women. I was there, I am not a big scary person, I was armed. Better get a MRAB. After the arrests and MURDER, the lies started flying. That everyone there was a conspiracy theorist, crazy, or anarchist…armed and it was a shootout. I was devastated and I asked my Lord and Savior what to do now.  I had just left there the Sunday before…this was Tuesday.  He told me to write about my friends and tell the truth about them.  So, The Heart Of The Constitutional Battle was born.  You can read some of the stories in the Blog section, some were lost when “someone” decided to sabotage my page, but God has blessed me and I am back.  It grew from stories of my friends into stories of patriot in general, to a radio show…which fizzled out because of that “someone”  that was aforementioned and personal problems.  Once again God is showing me where patriotangel.com is supposed to go. As for Oregon, we all know now that the only conspiracy was among those elected to protect us, and it was a conspiracy to do steal, do harm to our country and murder our citizens, the same is playing out for the “armed standoff” that the government staged at the Bundy Ranch, these are not court proceedings for the people with trumped up charges, these are court proceedings for our Constitution our God given liberties.

New heights, new aspirations and new audiences is my hope, maybe a new radio show…not just your average show, something fresh and fun, that is yet to be shown to me.  What IS in store includes some great writers (guest and permanent), speakers via pre-recorded video and maybe live (you will have to wait and see…I am learning how to build suspense)…some whom you have already met, some will soon be new friends. These great defenders of liberty and TRUTH and I, will get the stories of the current battles for freedom out to you, from what is happening behind closed doors, in big cities, small towns, courtrooms and that “swamp” we so lovingly call Washington D.C. and all the capitols across this country that WE THE PEOPLE are fighting to take back. From news stories, to heartfelt stories of our experiences, stories to make you think, articles to help you prepare for what may or may not come, resources for you to connect to experts that can help you learn various things.

Look also for a gallery of photos of events from people that were there, pictures that others have lovingly put together as a tribute or ones that over time have made a statement.  I will be asking for families, friends and readers alike to submit pictures…to include a shore little blurb if they like  to add to the gallery each week.  Pictures of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, God, country and Constitution.

If you like what you have seen in the past stick around, share with your friends and if you can donate a what you can when you can to help keep us going.  To the site, to a specific writer on the site, a special event…it would be greatly appreciated.

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God Bless

Melina aka Little Boots