A New Beginning Right In The Middle

In December of 2015 the I started to stand for Schuyler Barbeau on the steps of the Federal Courthouse in Seattle, Washington I had no idea where that journey would take me, and I am sure Schuyler had no idea where it would take him.

That particular case, though it had ties to the Bundy case was very interesting in it’s own right, fraught with massive violations to our God given right to bear arms, what the Founding Fathers tried to protect with the Second Amendment by stating “shall not be infringed.”  Well we all know how that case ended up.  Schuyler, after losing nearly 2 years of his life to a corrupt system, pled guilty to the charges and was released with some very restrictive probation.  He is out and about to fight another day.  I thank him for his service to his country both in the military and his continued service outside of the military.

When I was at LaVoy Finicum’s memorial rally in Olympia, Washington shortly after his murder in Oregon, I met a dynamic and what I would call a spit fire of a young woman.  Shortly there after we became good friends.  Nikki has a passion in her heart that has her charging forward at a moments notice and she is ready to do anything and everything she can to protect the liberties that are fast slipping away.  Through our friendship we found that we had a lot in common, we both had loving hearts yet a hard time finding a partner in life that could handle the busy life a a patriot woman and that could handle the fire and ice that sometimes brought with it…add trying to find a man that follows what God calls a man to do and be in a relationship when you have a ready made family.  That is a tough order to fill.  Granted my daughter is 22 but still.

Nikki began standing and writing for Schuyler and they forged an friendship which blossomed into much more after his release. Though much to my disappointment, the relationship between Nikki and myself  has been strained and lost due to gross misunderstandings…I could not have been happier to hear that Schuyler and Nikki joined their hearts together before God in marriage.  My heart smiled.  Schuyler has found someone that will stand by him through thick and thin, guarding his heart and loving it fiercely…Nikki has found exactly what her heart longed for; a Godly man who puts Him first and follows His lead , who can accept her fire and ice all while accepting her two children that she already has.

So, Schuyler’s story is not over yet, another chapter has just begun, with his new bride by his side it will be an interesting one.  I am excited to see what is to come next and what God has in store for their future, with love in their hearts and eyes on Him I am sure they will do many new and exciting things in their life.  Congratulations Schuyler and Nikki Barbeau.  I am very happy for you.   Schuyler, remember to have Nikki always keep that situational awareness up, you never know when ansquirrel armed to the teeth may be ready to attack with a swarm of birds.  Much love to you both. Always.

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