A Cowboy Still Rides – Remembering LaVoy

A Cowboy Still Rides

(Thank you Schuyler for letting me use your great artwork)

I told myself that these memorial pieces would get easier, somehow I was wrong. Maybe it is because even though there have been beautiful memorials, a service that was befitting this great man with many in attendance expressing their love and sorrow we still do not have closure. We still do not have justice.

In some ways, even if we find out who took those fatal shots at LaVoy, we will, until we find out who ordered that ending, in black and white, will never really have that closure.

Then I sat back and asked myself, would LaVoy want us to live with a constant lack of closure or a void? A sadness? I know for many of us that were there, it is hard this time of year, for his family I can not even imagine….but I think that LaVoy would want us to have life and love in our hearts. Love for each other and for our country. Love for the life that Our Father in Heaven has given us to live. I have seen a lot of love for each other and I have seen the opposite…for what? What do we accomplish?

I remember sitting with LaVoy talking about some things that life had thrown at my feet that he had some experience in and he told me that lots of love was what was needed, that it would be hard but that he had faith I could do it. I think about this often when I am dealing with things in this crazy patriot world I find myself in. As a matter of fact I go back to our conversations, the few that they were, a lot and am amazed at how much he gave in them. He told me smiling, that my dad, who was not very pleased that I went to Burns, had much to be proud of…still waiting on that one. I live each day as I maneuver through this crazy maze of patriots, freedom fighters, informants, liars and provocateurs…trying to make God proud and a man in heaven wearing a tan cowboy hat and a soft smile.

Not only do I go back to the conversations he had with me, about his ranch, working with kids, his kids…I go back to his videos quite often…his words were so genuine, from the heart, and full of wisdom. I still seek advice from this man on what way to turn at times and you know what? God guides me to just the right video at the right time when I am having a question about something constitutionally or just the right way to stand, because this man knew how to stand. Dignity, pride, love and quiet strength.

My friend LaVoy has become a hero to many, many who never knew him, I think he would blush a little at this with a little smile. He isn’t a hero in his eyes, he is just a cowboy who loves his wife, his children, his grandchildren, family and friends. A cowboy who loved the fresh air, the cows he raised, the sun on his face, the horse under him and the dog, Silver, by his side. A cowboy who missed the freedoms that were being stolen from him and all the others around him and knew that a stand needed to be taken. He did what anyone with a good heart and a strong sense of faith and country would do….

Or would they?

Would you?

I still get a little angry, when this day rolls around, or is it sad, or both? That they took this man from his family, that they robbed his future from him. At the same turn, I know now it had to happen, to open up some eyes to the truth, to wake a nation from sleep. So many voices got so much louder when they silenced this gentle mans voice that was heard so clearly through the din of lies and deception.

I think that is the greatest gift that LaVoy gave us that day, to those of us that found our voice, the voice of truth and freedom. Outrage that turned into courage. He stood for us and in standing for him we found the courage to stand for ourselves.

In my mind, this man still gets up and feels that sun on his face, feels that wind on his face, and looks across green pastures, leans back in his saddle…takes a deep breath and gently urges his horse on…yes, a cowboy still rides across the minds and hearts of many in America and around the world. Will he ever make it into the history books? That is yet to be seen, so much has been hidden from us already, but in my family, for generations to come a cowboy still rides and his name is LaVoy.

9 Comments on "A Cowboy Still Rides – Remembering LaVoy"

  1. Sadly Beautiful.

  2. This is wonderful, a seriously honorable and talented way to give thanks to an American Patriot.

  3. Debbra Cochran | January 26, 2018 at 10:43 pm | Reply

    SUch a touching article. I had to grab a kleenex because your emotions are so well written I felt them. You were so privileged to have had the chance to meet this great man. I envy you in a good way. Happy for you all the same. Thank you for sharing this one of a kind experience. I feel blessed to have met his daughter and have his wife on my show. I read his book. I have watched his video’s. A true hero this man. His life and death had real meaning and reason and his memory will always live on. Many of us will make sure of that. Thanks for the great article.

  4. I really love this part:

    In my mind, this man still gets up and feels that sun on his face, feels that wind on his face, and looks across green pastures, leans back in his saddle…takes a deep breath and gently urges his horse on…

    • Thank you. I picture Lavoy in this way quite often to battle the images of how my friend was murdered. He loved freedom and the outdoors, I feel that is what heaven is to him.

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