The Patriot Family

The Patriot Family

You may think you know all about family; fathers, mothers brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, etc., what I am talking about is completely different.  I have my family (sans brother and sister) then I have another family, and in many ways, it is stronger, and weaker depending on which part you look at; I see you are perplexed, let me explain.

You see for those of you not involved in the Patriot…I am going to call it “world”…because right now, I really hate the term “Patriot Movement” but that is another piece, I digress, if you are not involved you don’t know there are lots of different types of “families”.  There are very large groups with smaller elements, then there are just small groups of like minded people that form, and then you have individual patriots that will get together for and event or cause.

This may seem fine, but there is a major problem with this dynamic, though all of these groups, for the most part have the same primary goal…they have division.  Some will work together but there is much separation.  This group won’t work with that group because they believe that, or this group won’t work with that group because they have talked to that person…you get it, mostly petty stuff.  Now there are some divisions that are legitimate. (Some will know what I am talking about here)

All in all, when the rubber hits the road, when it all boils down, when SHTF, what does it matter?  What does matter?  The end result.  Liberty, The Constitution and to be able to live as we are meant to…FREE!

We have enough division going on with people paid to do it, people that want do it to stop us from reaching a specific goal or just to watch us implode on ourselves for their sick pleasure. Why fight each other needlessly over petty bull?

We are going to have little scraps, all families do, but we make up and move on.  I have been part of each of the types of groups mentioned above, I have also left each type of groups mentioned above because they just could not see past their own agenda to the one that really mattered, the one that they originally formed for, they lost sight of the brass ring…The Liberty Bell so to speak.  I simply did not trust them to have my back…my six.

You have to trust the Patriot Family you join, I venture to say more than your blood family.  These are the people you are going to have around you when you are attacked, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.  Not only when SHTF but when really bad stuff goes down.  They are the ones that you can call on.  Let me pose a situation to you…you are stuck somewhere alone and there are some really bad people all around you, you really have no way out and your only option is to hide and make a call out for help, you have one call, maybe two left on your phones battery, if you call your family member (blood) and you got them or get a voicemail and tell them you need them to come right away you are in big trouble, life and death would they come?  Really?  Or would they think “Maybe they are exaggerating I will wait until this show is over” or maybe they wouldn’t come at all.  No offense to my family, but if I was in that type of a situation, I would call someone in my small patriot family…if that person could not get out right that second, they would find someone who would…now that is what I call trust and family.

These are the people you train with, trust and never betray, we may squabble, but we get over it, hug or punch…and move on.

This is the strongest part, we know we can count on each other come thick or thin.  That is a security I know I cherish and I willingly and lovingly give.

We also are very suspicious and wary, this, for the most part, is a strength; I feel it is also our greatest weakness as a patriot family.  A huge chink in armor, the corrupt criminals know it, the distractors know it, the informants know it…basically the slime that is oozing into the cracks of our country, covering our freedom and liberties with their darkness and shredding our Constitution thrive on this weakness.

It is healthy for us to be very cautious, after all dad and mom taught us to beware of strangers right.  In the patriot world, it is beware of strangers and friends…unless you have laid eyes on them and have gotten to know them really well…even then be careful, might want to run a full background check, get prints, talk to all their relatives, past relationships, teachers, and even then it can bite you in the butt.  I am not kidding. Many of us are living it. All it takes is one itty bitty of one of the aforementioned to whisper in an ear and plant a seed of poisonous doubt and lives can unravel, even be lost.

Now back to the groups and individuals, we all don’t have to have the exact ideals, beliefs or what not…we would not be individuals and there would not be so many different groups…we would all be one great big group with we all thought/believed the same now wouldn’t we?  One thing we have in common is that we love our freedom, we are patriots and we want our country back as the Founding Fathers intended it to be in our Constitution.  I was just mentioning to one of the members of my small family that they were so very wise in structure of that document and in their thoughts on liberty and freedom sustained…for the future…for standing the test of time.  How dare we let that slip away to the point we must rise again, but to do that we must stop squabbling, hug, throw some final punches or give some healing hugs, agree to disagree as groups and individuals, recognize when we are getting played and throw the cards back and unite.  Like I said hard lines…we have to get it together my friends…it’s getting to the fuse has been lit…and it is almost to the powder keg.  Stop playing Patriot Family Game Night.

Patriot Families divided…don’t fall.

Patriot Families divided are just plain useless.

One Big United Family.  Period.

3 thoughts on “The Patriot Family

  • May 23, 2017 at 5:35 pm

    Absolutely incredible!

    • May 23, 2017 at 11:15 pm

      Thank you so much Mike! I am so glad you are back…Let’s tear this thing up!!!! Love you my friend!!!

  • February 16, 2018 at 10:22 pm

    Nice work, Melina. I believe the unifying force is Natural Law, the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God… it is what unified the Colonies for Independence and the only sure, unchanging foundation that results in freedom for the individual.

    I look forward to working with you.


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