Hello friends and new comers! Welcome to Patriot Angel News.  We are located in the Pacific Northwest so when you are looking at Local News that is where it will be out of, but we are not stopping there we will be covering news across the nation and the world.

For those of you that started out with Patriot Angel, the pieces that started this are still here and will continue to be written under Letters from Little Boots.  That is where the heart of Patriot Angel lies, but the battle is more than that.  There is an attack on truth and our rights.  The powers that be, the deep state, are desperate to crush the constitution completely, to put liberty in chains and make all Americans slaves to their narrative and agenda.   The first steps to doing that is shutting down free speech and taking away our second amendment right. These are our God given natural rights.  They go hand in hand one protecting the other and all the other rights we were born with.

They don’t want us to have knowledge, because knowledge is power. There is a war on knowledge.  They are attacking independent media, independent journalists, and anyone who will challenge their narrative and tell the truth…they will tear down your platform, destroy your reputation, jail you or murder you.

Here you will find the truth, with out any narrative but wanting you to be armed with knowledge. As always research yourself.




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God Bless

Melina aka Little Boots