By the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants

Thomas Jefferson knows of this first hand, one of our Founding Fathers and the 3rd President OUR country. He was also the man who penned our Constitution, there were minor changes to the document none that altered it in tone or intent. Many of our Founding Father's quotes were wise then and hold their wisdom for today, sadly this one as well. RIP LaVoy...Thank you.

As our 2nd Amendment rights continue to come under attack...

I have to refer once again to our oh so wise founding fathers as I watch our 2nd Amendment rights continually be undermined by false flags and then tempered with more codes and restrictions, followed by attempts to simply abolish them. After all, why would our government want us to maintain a status of independence from them and have protection from them abusing us?

We The People are NOT anti-government

We The People, Patriots, Constitutionalist...contrary to what "they" want you to believe are not anti-government at all. We want and need government, but how it was meant to be structured, simply put, with proper distribution of power among the executive, legislative and judicial branches...but the power lying in the hands of the will of the People, not the people in power.